July 1, 2014


If you are looking for money, let me give you some advice:  call my Mortgage Broker!

I went to my banks to borrow money to buy a cottage and was told that my deal was difficult because this particular property was seasonal.  After a week of searching for help and being met with closing doors, I found Sharon Daly through a Google search.  She returned my call promptly, and when I explained that I had 5 days to do a difficult deal, she was immediately focussed on starting an application.  Even though she had other previous engagements, she made the time on that first day to review all of my finances and the details on the property.  By the afternoon of the second day she had submitted my application and set out to find a lender.  She was successful in finding a willing lender with a great rate, but then had to tackle the difficult task of finding a house appraiser that could work within our timeline...she managed to find just one.  By the final day, as we approached the deadline that I had to remove my financial condition on this deal, Sharon had managed to push through the written appraisal and it was on the desk of the lender of her choice.  She worked hard to convince someone in that office to see it that day, and got a verbal approval that the bank would lend money to us for this cottage.  Without a written promise to lend, we still weren’t able to remove our financial condition on the deal.  So, Sharon was on the phone on Friday at 4pm, with a difficult Real Estate Agent (for the seller) convincing him that it was in his client’s best interest to give us an extension of just one more business day so that the bank would have time to provide a written approval to lend to us for this property that we so badly wanted.  This seller and her Real Estate Agent were very impatient so I was sure they wouldn’t cooperate and the deal would be dead.  I was shocked however, when Sharon called to report that we got our extension!  We got our dream cottage!  ... and there is no doubt in our minds, that it is all because of Sharon Daly.  We could not have gotten our cottage without her help.  She was not only knowledgeable and efficient, but compassionate, diligent and effective, and I felt I was in good hands during such a difficult deal. 

If you are in need of a mortgage, call my broker, Sharon Daly!    She will help you!


Michelle Jull-Oliveira



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